Meet the main development team building the pNetwork.

Thomas Bertani

Project lead

Alice Corsini


Greg Kapka

Software Developer

Mauro Piazza

Software Developer

Bodgan Arabadzhi

Software Developer

Marco Roccon


Alessandro Manfredi

Software Developer

Andrea Fortugno

Business Development

Empowering a more inter-connected
decentralized finance

Our Mission

The pNetwork ecosystem is aimed to solve blockchain's walled-garden limitation. A set of security-oriented technologies designed to boost the blockchain ecosystem.

Our Vision

The pNetwork is a decentralized system open for anyone to contribute. It complements blockchain, while empowering it to reach its full potential.

From the Founder

The traditional financial system has been shaken by blockchain technology. Bitcoin was the trigger, injecting the idea of an alternative monetary system.Ten years into the game, this industry has gone far beyond the concept of digital money, rethinking the entire financial system. This new wave of advancement in the blockchain sector is highlighting the potential such a technology can have on the future of the financial industry.A concept that I like is the one of "banking without banks".

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