A secure network of nodes, safeguarding your assets

Nodes plays a pivotal role in the pNetwork infrastructure. Nodes help secure the assets stored within the bridge while ensuring the transfer of assets from one blockchain to another happens smoothly. Everybody can become a node operator and start earning fees for the service provided. It's easy to become a node, find out how with our step-by-step guide.

Become a node


Nodes can register their address in the DAO to start earnings rewards. The bridge fees are distributed every two weeks.
Nodes are required to stake PNT to become and effective participant of the network. Both fees and staking requirements have been set and are subject to change by governance voting.

Earns peg-in/out fees

All fees generated by running the pTokens bridges are distributed among the pNetwork validators by the DAO, to incentivize their operations.

Supervised by the DAO

The DAO can punish misbehaving nodes when they either provide bad QoS or are unable to provide valid attestations.


Phase ZERO

A single TEE-backed validator powers the system.

Phase ONE (current)

Multiple validators power a censorship-resistant architecture while coordinating with the newly introduced DAO.

Phase TWO

Anyone can become a validating node and help secure the pNetwork.


By becoming a node operator you are entitled to earn fees and staking rewards. Currently, node operators are required to stake at least 200,000 PNT tokens within the DAO, run within a TEE environment and provide a good QoS. Trust us, it's easier than it sounds!

Join as a node operator

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