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Portals are applications built on top of an existing bridge which enable smart contracts living on different blockchain to interact with each other.
hanks to the flexibility of pToken and metadata transactions, anybody can leverage the pNetwork infrastructure to enforce a whole new set of interesting logics for cross-chain interactions.
Have a look at what you can achieve with the flexibility of Portals.

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NFT bridge

One of the most interesting and straightforward use case for Portals is enabling the movement of NFTs into any blockchain, by means of an existing pNetwork bridge. Thanks to Metadata transactions, any state, behaviour or look can be inherited on the host chain. Custom UI that facilitate the migration process can be easily built on top of Portals' architecture.

DAO bridge

DAO migration is another fascinating use case for Portals.
Not only voting, but treasury, apps and everything related to the DAO management can become multi-chain.
Allow users to interact with your decentralised organisation on multiple ecosystems.

Liquidity extension

Liquidity can literally be extended to any pToken-related liquidity pool. Imagine trading on a pool where there isn't enough depth to avoid significant slippage. By leveraging an existing bridge and attaching metadata such as order request and max. slippage tolerance, it is possible to fill part of the trade by tapping into another liquidity pool on a different chain.

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