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Our goals


Anyone can become a pNetwork validator to help secure and shape the future of the network.

Community driven

The pNetwork DAO is run by a transparent governance process open for anyone to contribute.


The pNetwork is secured by Multi Party Computations and Trusted Computing, a combination which makes attacks both expensive and impractical.


The pNetwork is designed to handle as many bridges as deemed necessary so that any useful connection across blockchains can come to life.

Our lego bricks

The validators

pNetwork validators are the main actors within the system. While running a validating node, they secure the peg-in/peg-outs for pTokens & are rewarded for facilitating this.


The pNetwork DAO is a governance system that gives control to the community. Those who stake are rewarded for contributing to the success of the project.

The pTokens

The pNetwork is the governance layer of the pTokens system. pTokens are unchained assets, moving liquidity from one blockchain to another.

The ecosystem

pTokens are live on mainnet and boosting the growth of the DeFi ecosystem. They are integrated with industry-leading platforms across multiple blockchains.