Bridge your
Do more with your capital.
Bring it to action into any blockchain with no restrictions.

A world of opportunities for your liquidity

pNetwork enables the trasfer of assets into +10 supported blockchains, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin and many more. Enter the dapp and unlock the power of composable liquidity.


An open-source suite of tools for your project

Everybody can play around with pNetwork tools, whether they are experienced developer or cross-chain enthusiasts. Access a fully fledged suite of tools to do more with your capital.

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What it enables

Movement of tokenised assets

Thanks to pToken you can transfer your assets across networks at the click of a button. Enhance your liquidity, make it multi-chain.


Ever thought about playing with your NFTs seamlessly, on any marketplace, on every layer? The time to be confined on a single one is long gone.


Extend the reach of your DAO and augment its capabilities in the multi-chain world.

Interblockchain communication

True open-source inter blockchain communication. No prerequisites, no trusted components.

why us?


The pNetwork is secured by Multi Party Computations and Trusted Computing, a combination which makes attacks both expensive and impractical.


The pNetwork is designed to handle as many bridges as deemed necessary so that any useful connection across blockchains can come to life.


Anyone can become a pNetwork validator and see exactly how collateral is managed and transactions are processed.


Supported blockchains and protocols


Portals are powerful applications build on top of the pNetwork bridge.

Nodes are an essential component of the ecosystem. Support the network, earn fees.

Discover the core functioning of pNetwork, from TEE to node operators.

PNTĀ is the governance and utility token that underpins the network. Take an active stance in the discussion

pTokens are pegged assets across chain. Explore a universe of opportunities for your capital.