Guidelines for opening a DAO proposal

The pNetwork DAO is at the forefront of decentralized governance, empowering its community to lead through active engagement and contributions. The governance process outlines a streamlined approach for community members to submit, discuss, and decide on proposals that shape the future of the pNetwork.

Governance Process Overview

At its core, the pNetwork DAO's governance structure is built on principles of transparency, inclusivity, and decentralization. It encompasses a variety of proposals, including but not limited to fund allocations, governance reforms, and strategic initiatives. Initiating a proposal is a testament to a participant's commitment to fostering the pNetwork's growth.

Proposal Submission Guidelines

All proposals must adhere to a specified format—Title, Summary, Motivation, and Specification—to ensure consistency and clarity across submissions.

Detailed Governance Phases

Phase 1: Community discussion on the pNetwork Forum

  • Objective: Solicit community feedback on new proposals, refine ideas, and gauge interest.
  • Duration: Suggested for a minimum of one week to allow for extensive community discussion and proposal refinement.
  • Action: Proposals are to be posted in the pNetwork Forum under the "Proposal" category tag. This stage is crucial for gathering collective insights and refining the proposal.
  • Requirements: Phase 1 is accessible to all community members, promoting widespread participation and constructive dialogue to enhance proposal quality and alignment with community interests.
    • All proposals must adhere to a specified format—Title, (Summary), Motivation, and Specification—to ensure consistency and clarity across submissions.
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Phase 2: Decision Making and Final Voting

  • Objective: Secure community consensus through a DAO vote onchain, finalizing the stance on the proposal. The DAO proposal is voted by the pNetwork DAO members (users that have staked their PNT).
  • Duration: Fixed at 3 days
  • Action: Formal DAO proposal submission, specifying funding requirements where necessary. This phase determines the proposal’s outcome based on community votes.
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      For proposals that require funding, it's important to select ethPNT instead of PNT from the dropdown menu in the proposal form.
  • Requirements: Opening a DAO vote requires staking 200,000 PNT tokens, ensuring proposers have a significant stake in the pNetwork’s future. A proposal passes if it achieves more than 50% of the total PNT stake vote. The voting weight is determined by the amount of PNT staked by each voter.
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      For instance, if the total PNT staked is 100, and the sum of PNT by those voting 'For' exceeds the sum by those 'Against', surpassing the >50% quorum, the proposal is approved.
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Call to participation

The pNetwork Community Association encourages proposals that have a positive impact on its ecosystem, with areas of interest including but not limited to technological advancement, community growth and ecosystem development. The governance framework ensures that proposals are well structured and strategically focused.
The pNetwork Community Association, made up of several DAO members and pNetwork nodes, has its official address whitelisted as agreed in PIP-21. This whitelist allows that if a third party proposal is supported by the community in forum discussions and has the backing of the Association, it can be officially submitted by the Association on behalf of the individual or project that originally proposed it. This process facilitates the submission of proposals and streamlines the path from concept to formal review and decision within the DAO, thereby increasing the inclusiveness and efficiency of the governance process
Members of the pNetwork DAO community are actively involved in the decision-making process, fostering a culture of collaborative innovation and decentralised governance. This approach ensures a transparent, accessible and inclusive process for all community members.
The pNetwork Community Association provides guidance and support throughout the proposal process.