PNT - Governance token



The PNT token is a native ERC-20 token on the Ethereum network and it is made available on Arbitrum, Polygon, BSC, Telos, EOS and Gnosis chain via the pNetwork protocol. It is supported within decentralized platforms including Uniswap, Quickswap, Defibox and Pancakeswap as well as by centralized exchanges including Binance, Kucoin, Bitfinex and Gate.io among others.


There was no token sale for PNT. The PNT token was introduced as the utility and decentralized governance token of pNetwork converting the deprecated EDO token.
Currently, the following PNT-related operations are in place:
  • Staking. PNT tokens can be staked within the pNetwork DAO either to participate in governance decisions or to run a pNetwork node (meaning, support the network) or both. Additional purpose-specific staking initiatives are occasionally present, but they are not a key component of the PNT token economics. The new pNetwork DAO v2 will unleash further PNT features, including a new lending mechanism.
  • Liquidity providing. PNT can be paired with ETH on Uniswap v3 to provide liquidity (LP pool), to bolster liquidity on Uniswap v3 and fortify PNT's position in the DeFi ecosystem, representing an important strategic step for pNetwork's declared commitment to decentralization.
  • Inflation. The pNetwork DAO has approved in November 2023 the Sustainability Plan with Microinflation on Demand for the coming years, which states that the DAO can proposes to mint and allocate PNT tokens for new initiatives with a maximum (capped) theoretical inflation of 20% per year and 2% per month. Tokens are minted and allocated immediately, following a proposal approved by the DAO for each initiative. This allows for maximum adaptability, as the most suitable inflation rate will be chosen every time, case by case, according to the current market conditions, and the possibility to avoid unnecessary inflation if the project gains momentum and/or the macroeconomic environment improves.
    • Below you can see two scenarios, one where the 20% limit is reached and another, more optimistic, where only 15% of inflation is required.
      Microinflation on Demand - 2 scenarios
      Total supply
      Compound +%
      Up to 5% DAO incentives
      20% inflation - 1 year (worst case scenario)
      15% inflation - 1 year (optimistic case scenario)
      At November 2023 the Total Supply was 96.800.000 PNT. Today the Total Supply can be checked live here: https://token.p.network/api/stats/totalSupply
      Previosu inflation
      • An inflation mechanism for a planned, fixed amount of PNT tokens was in place to support the project during its initial phases: the inflation was entirely distributed to whoever stakes in the pNetwork DAO (and participates in voting proposals) and to network users. This was presented as part of the whitepaper before introducing the PNT token within the project.
      • Initially, the inflation was generated gradually over the course of 2 years (starting in 2019 - ending in July 2022) for a predetermined, fixed amount accounting for 42% the first year, 21% the second year.
      • At the end of the initial inflation period (July 2022) the DAO approved the emission of 10% PNT to keep sustaining the development of the project. From the initial total supply of 88M PNT tokens, 8.8M ethPNT have been issued, resulting in a total supply of 96.800.000 PNT. For more information please refer to the detailed DAO proposal available here.
        • Newly emitted PNT tokens are directed to the pNetwork DAO Treasury and are under the control of the DAO via dedicated DAO proposals for the following three areas:
        • grant programmes - for the core team and external teams, directed at the further development of the protocol
        • security budget - directed at activities that improve security for users in a decentralized environment
        • liquidity mining - directed at growing the ecosystem and rewarding pNetwork active users
        • The total supply (post-inflation) is known and fixed at 96.800.000 PNT. The majority of PNT holders can potentially add inflation if they find consensus with a dedicated DAO vote.
ethPNT tokens are the newly issued tokens that represent locked tokens (out of circulation) until the DAO decides if, how and when to spend them.
ethPNT is an extension of the PNT token that uses a different representation on Ethereum, but maintains the same token economy and the same functionalities of PNT-on-Ethereum. pNetwork v2’s cross-chain bridges will accept both PNT and ethPNT for the cross-chain transfers that go from Ethereum to any other blockchain where PNT is available.
0xf4ea6b892853413bd9d9f1a5d3a620a0ba39c5b2 is the ethPNT token contract.

PNT utility

The PNT token is already available on several blockchains: Ethereum, BSC, Polygon, XDAI, EOS, Telos and Arbitrum, and token holders can benefit from the token utility on each network. This includes:
  • Staking PNT into the pNetwork DAO (daoPNT)
  • Governance and voting power on both Ethereum e BSC networks
  • Staking to become node operators both on Ethereum and BSC networks
  • Trading on several multi-chain DeFi protocols (Uniswap, Pancakeswap, Quickswap)
  • Trading on several centralized exchanges (Binance, Kucoin, Bitfinex, Gate.io, Wazirx)


Staking PNT into pNetwork DAO is required to become DAO members and be able to actively contribute to pNetwork.
Once staked, PNT tokens become daoPNT tokens, which gives the right to its holder to vote for pNetwork Improvement Proposals (PIPs), open new PIPs and run a pNetwork node.
The staking period can be chosen by the user, while unstaking is allowed after 7 days of cooldown period.
More details about the DAO and PIPs can be found in the chapter dedicated to the pNetwork DAO.
More details about the pNetwork nodes can be found in the dedicated chapter.


PNT is available on several centralized and decentralized markets, on different networks.
Specifically, PNT is available on:
  • Binance, with PNT/USDT pair
  • KuCoin
  • Bitfinex
  • Gate.io
It's worth noting that anyone can create liquidity pools and trade PNT pairs on decentralised exchanges.

Token contracts

Here is the list of PNT contracts:
  • PNT on Gnosis chain - TBD
Always verify that the PNT token you’re interacting with is legit to prevent scams.


CertiK audited the pNetwork protocol codebase and PNT token contract, no critical issues have been found. The full audit is available here.