Security has always been and continues to be a top priority for pNetwork. The company takes a multi-layered approach to security, with a variety of measures in place to safeguard user assets and data.
In addition to the monitoring system, pNetwork has implemented periodic audits to ensure that all security protocols are up-to-date and effective. The company also offers bug bounty initiatives to incentivize and reward responsible disclosure of vulnerabilities.
To further protect users, pNetwork has secured insurance coverage to provide an additional layer of protection against potential losses due to security breaches.
In the event of any suspicious activity, custom alerts are triggered to enable the team to take immediate action.
Overall, pNetwork is committed to ensuring the highest levels of security for its users, continually reviewing and improving its security measures to stay ahead of potential threats.


The pNetwork codebase is reviewed periodically to ensure its security and integrity.
The latest review, conducted by CertiK, a leading security auditing firm, covers the entire pNetwork protocol as well as the latest cross-chain connections. The review was completed in January 2023 and can be accessed at https://www.certik.com/projects/pnt.
According to the results, there were no critical findings and most of the minor security issues have been addressed. It is worth noting that the "pNetwork audit" includes all the pNetwork protocol codebase except for the Algorand bridge, which was audited in the "pNetwork - Audit 2" review.
In addition to the pNetwork protocol, CertiK also audited the PNT token contract. This ensures that the entire pNetwork ecosystem is secure and free from vulnerabilities.
It is worth mentioning that prior to the recent audit conducted by CertiK, the pNetwork protocol was also audited by Cryptonics Consulting in March 2020. You can browse the audit here.
This continuous auditing process attests to the commitment of the pNetwork team to maintain the highest levels of security and accountability.

Bug bounty programme

A bug bounty programme is available on the leading platform Immunefi for the responsible disclosure of potential vulnerabilities affecting the pNetwork protocol.
Anyone who detects a potential vulnerability can submit a Bug to the pNetwork dedicated page on Immunefi and will be rewarded according to the severity of the vulnerability. More details about the reward level and conditions are available on the Immunefi page.
The programme is available from December 2021 with a payout that can reach 1 million dollars.
This is an excellent opportunity to contribute to the development of new technologies while potentially earning a significant reward.

Real-time on-chain monitoring

pNetwork has implemented an advanced system for monitoring on-chain activities in real-time and triggering alerts.
This system is designed to detect any unusual activity and can trigger custom alerts, ensuring that prompt action can be taken. The alerts are particularly useful in detecting any suspicious activity on the cross-chain bridges, which may indicate a potential security breach.
By having this system in place, pNetwork can provide its users with the assurance that their assets are being carefully monitored and protected.

DeFi Insurance

Insurance coverage for pNetwork bridge is available on Tidal Finance for anyone interested in protecting their funds in case of bridge issues.
Users can benefit from Tidal Finance insurance coverage on their official dApp.
This adds an extra layer of security to the entire process, making it a smart choice for anyone who values their financial security and wants to ensure that their investments are safe and sound.